About Awal DSL

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). This technology works with the ordinary telephone lines offering high speed, convenient, secure and affordable means for voice, data and video transmission with out effecting your phone calls. So you can make and receive telephone calls or faxes whilst you’re online.
You can download up to  ---- Kbps, and upload up to ----- Kbps data. With AwalDSL, you will get the advantages of high speed and reliability with less cost and complexity.


    Enjoy fast broadband speed. AwalDSL  provides a  high speed digital access.
    • Permanently  ‘ Switched on’ , unlike normal dialup service.
    • Download more in less time.
    • Send and  receive emails with large size attachments, chat and search information.
    • Smooth & hassle free connectivity ensured by our  24/7 technical support.

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